Good Evening from East Valley Ranch! This second week flew by in a blur! It all started with Summerween on Sunday where campers got to be someone else for the day while they participated in spooky activities like hunting for spiders and even vampires v. werewolves kickball (for any twilight fans). The evening ended with a fashion show where campers showcased their costumes, trick or treating, and a Halloween dance!

The week really kicked off on Monday when campers’ specialty lesson began, either area or trails. They’ve spent the last week honing their skills in the specialty, some campers even cantered! Non-horse riding activities that campers enjoyed this second week included making horse treats, doing the Pegasus/Leap of Faith, boating, making popcorn over the fire, and all of our two week campers had their overnight!

As our two week campers pack up their things and exchange phone numbers our four week campers are gathering their laundry and excitedly waiting for a chill weekend of bonding with their yurt mates.

Until our next adventure from the valley, be well and Build Strong.

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