Good Afternoon from East Valley Ranch!

Yesterday morning was another hot one so all campers did their riding lessons in the morning. To cool down after lunch everyone took a slightly extended rest hour followed by an all camp creeking period which was met with cheers from the campers. Creeking was followed by Mario Kart building! Campers worked together within their yurts to make 2-3 Mario Karts from cardboard boxes and other various craft supplies to race inside of for evening program last night. Unfortunately the race is temporarily postponed due to a classic summer storm that passed through, but never fear- the karts will be raced! Campers enjoyed a laid back board game night while enjoying the cooler weather brought by the storm that FINALLY broke the heat wave!

This morning we all awoke to gray drizzly skies, but over half of the campers chose the rain as their celebration for the morning flag raising, so I don’t think they were too upset about the weather change 🙂 We continued the day with riding lessons, candle making, nature hikes, and outdoor living skills. Walking around the campus you see nothing but smiles from the campers as they embrace the rain  and cooler weather.

Stay tuned for more session 1 updates and adventures!

Be well and Build Strong.

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