Good Evening from East Valley Ranch! Things have been busy and hot as ever in the valley! Since eval rides were completed Monday, horse assignments came out Tuesday morning at breakfast! Everyone was very happy with their assignments and quickly bonded with their new friend. In addition to riding blocks each day, our campers did ground lessons covering topics like horses around the world, horse movement, horse first aid, and more.

The weather was definitely warm this week but no worries, we found ways to keep both campers and horses nice and cool! After riding each day our horses received a nice cool hose down before being turned out. We even had a horse washing party where campers got to give their horses a little extra love (and maybe some braids in their manes).  As for campers, we switched up our scheduling for each afternoon this week to include daily periods of cooling down in the creek, as well as water games, water balloons, and everyone’s favorite – the slip and slide.

Campers did evening programs this week including Swap!, Wells Fargo, Challenge Night, Board Games & PJs, and this evening we held a homemade Mario Kart race where campers made their own Karts out of cardboard and creativity and raced them on a track created by our four week campers. Two of our youngest campers proved to be victorious in our winners’ round and cheers were heard from all yurts.

Keep coming back for more adventures in the valley. Until then, Be Well and Build Strong.

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