Howdy from East Valley Ranch! Yesterday we celebrated our first theme day of the summer which threw it back to 1836 for Wild West Sunday! After brunch campers participated in activities like gold mining, lassoing, and bank making in order to earn back the  “Buffalo Bills” that the Bells Brothers Gang stole. After campers played a game of Rootin Tootin Flour Smack (eerily similar to boppers) the Bells Brothers were caught by the sheriff and enough money was raised by the “townsfolk” to put on a barbeque and line dancing hoedown where campers performed original line dances they created with their yurts. The evening climaxed with an outdoor showing of the camp classic, Parent Trap.

This morning we went right back to our original programing as campers participated in archery, boating, and their chosen equestrian path for the second week – either arena or trails. The rain seems to have left the East Valley for now as we’ve had 2 sunny days in a row. This evening campers are participating in nighttime awareness activities where they learn about how their senses change in the dark as well as having a campfire and some s’mores too. Stay tuned for more adventures from the East Valley.


Be well and Build Strong.

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