Good Evening from East Valley Ranch! Last night after our campers settled in we had dinner and our opening campfire which was filled with traditional camp songs, camper made skits, and lots of camper and staff talents!

This morning we had our eval rides where campers got the chance to show off their knowledge of riding and will be assigned their horses for the session tomorrow. Campers also learned how to groom, tack, tie, and lead their horses. It was a very warm day so all our campers got to spend time cooling down in the creek. Our two week campers spent time doing team building activities learning how to best work with each other. There was definitely time for gaga and tetherball as well. Our four week campers headed out for the night, on horseback, to their overnight! They cooked pita pizzas and s’mores over the fire while enjoying camping out on a warm evening.

Stay tuned for more adventures down in the valley. Until then, be well and Build Strong.

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