Giddy Up:

Giddy Up have had a busy few days down at the barn, meeting their horses, learning the parts of the horse as well as breeds and colors and not to mention riding them! They all seem to get on with their horses and be happy with the ones they were assigned, we are sure the bond they have with their horses will be so strong they will want to take them home by the end of the 3 weeks!

On Tuesday, they had a zumba lesson which was so funny to watch and allowed them to use as much energy as they could. We have a teacher who comes in to do the lessons and she had many fun games to play with them like limbo!

Yesterday morning they got the chance to climb our rock tower, which they all really enjoyed and some of them even made it to the top!

Today they are looking forward to Flying Fish which is a ropes element we have, which involves the kids being pulled up into the trees on a rope so it feels like they are flying!! It is great fun and I am sure they will all enjoy it!

Hoof Beats:

The Hoof Beats kids have also had a busy few days learning all about horses and getting to ride their own ones. They are all looking awesome in their lessons and learning more about steering and control in a western saddle and with voice control!

Yesterday morning as well as waterfront, the kids did the flying squirrel which is a ropes element that gives the kids a chance to fly up into the trees attatched to a rope! Its awesome. They also played a sports game with one of our activities staff called Johnny, that involved noodles, hockey sticks, balls and goals. It created a lot of hilarity and the kids and staff loved it!!

Today they are going to do Outdoor living skills with Will who is another activities staff member, this involves building shelters and playing in the woods…who wouldn’t want to do that?!

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