Yesterday and today, the Hoof Beats and Giddy Up kids have taken it in turns to do an activity called outdoor living skills which I explained briefly in the last blog. But basically it is when they go into the woods and down by the river and they learn how to do rock painting, and then they build shelters and test them out for strength and waterproofing for example. Yesterday, Giddy Up also did our ropes activity called Flying Fish which they all loved and even a few who were very nervous to do it, went and ended up loving it!

Today the Hoof Beats campers are doing an activity called Random Acts of Kindness, where they leave nice notes for activities staff or go round saying nice things to people on camp to spread a bit of cheer and camp spirit!

The children’s riding is still improving daily and they are all looking forward to going on a trail ride today, down our beautiful Neversink trail that goes through the woods and alongside the river!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend and look forward to seeing the kids on Monday!!

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