Session one of Hoofbeats has begun! Today the campers arrived in their cowboy boots ready to ride. We started the day with some name games to get to know each other before we headed to the barn. On our first day at the barn we have what we call an evaluation ride to determine what level of a rider they are. This is great fun as they get to meet some of the horses and potentially the one they will ride for the whole session. Whilst some are riding, others are doing what we call a Ground Lesson. This is where the campers get to learn all aspects of horses. From grooming, tacking, leading and tying, down to parts of the tack, vet care and much more. We like to give the campers a sense of independence when they are around the horses. They always lead the horses down to the arenas, ride independently and understand what it takes to be a rider. Then it was time for lunch! Here at Frost Valley, we like to eat family style. We have huge bowls of food and everyone helps themselves. We also have a salad bar, soup, fruit and much more so we know the campers have enough energy for the rest of the day. This afternoon we had our swim tests for the waterfront. This consists of swimming either front or breast stroke across our blue section of the lake. Then onto two minute water tread in our green section. This will enable the campers to go in all areas of our water front from boating to our trampoline. Waterfront is such a great place for the kids to have fun and cool down. After waterfront we only have an hour left of the day. In this time we normally do an activity. This will be booked tonight for the rest of the session but for today, we ask our day campers what they would like to do in the session to make sure they get the most out of the days they spend here! As of tomorrow, the campers will be assigned their own horse for the next two weeks! This is a great way for them to bond with the horses and have a sense of ownership. The buses have now arrived and the campers are heading home. We are all looking forward for what’s in store for the rest of the week!

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