We have our own horses! After our evaluation ride on Monday, the barn manager assigns horses to each camper so they get to experience a sense of ownership and independence. Their first couple of lessons will be getting used to their horses and learning their quirks. In these lessons they learn the basics like starting, stopping, posture and circling. This helps with their balance on and off of the horse. We also have our ground lessons and have been learning the colors of our horses and also the parts of the horse. The campers did an activity with a horse drawn on a wall and they learnt the different parts of the horse. They then used paint to actually draw on a real horse. It’s great that they get to have this interactive time with the horses on the ground.

We’ve been able to do a couple of different activities around camp too. On Tuesday we used the low ropes area. This is an area with different suspended ropes with different challenges to allow the campers to work in teams. This can be great fun and it’s also a great place to get out of the sun as the low ropes area is in a nice wooded area by our castle. Today the campers got to use our newly decorated Y tower. Our Y tower has a huge rock climbing wall and a zip line. Hoofbeats scaled our climbing wall trying to reach the top! This is a great challenge individually and the other campers help direct the climbers! This afternoon we had a refreshing snack from our wellness bus! They had made ice pops, muffins, frozen grapes and a lot more! Let’s hope tie die tomorrow will be fun!

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