Can you believe the summer is almost over. Mustang have had the best few days and are so sad to have to pack up and leave. On Tuesday the girls were finally able to climb the Y tower as is was cancelled last week due to bad weather. The girls loved scaling up the huge wall and some even made it to the top! After the lessons, which some of them are now trotting on their horses, the girls got to have challenge games for their evening activity! They worked together to complete different challenges and they all worked together so well!

Wednesday was so different! They got to experience our Gymkhana theme day! Gymkhana is games on and off of horse back! Our theme for this sessions Gymkhana day was Under the Sea! They did games where they had to weave barrels, find fish food and fill the ocean which consisted of them carrying a cup on water whilst on horseback to the other end of the arena and put it in another bucket! They also built boats and raced them in our water troughs. Everyone had a great day. Then it was time for the Mustang overnight! They got to do their overnight out on the lawn of our East Valley Ranch. This is our all girls horse camp and its where they can go to once they age out of Mustang. It’s a beautiful place and the girls kept asking if they can go there! We hope to see some of their faces at EVR in the future!

So today is the last full day! Their bags are packed, they’ve cleaned the cabins and they are exchanging addresses to stay in touch! The girls have experience so much in these two weeks and made friends for life. Tonight they will be heading down to the last closing camp fire of the summer! The Mustang staff have a great skit to show the rest of camp to make sure our girls have the best evening. They are all excited to see you and tell you about what they’ve been up to! We hope to see you all again next year!

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