Hello, welcome to the blog! This is written by me, Laura Stirling (Assistant Director) and I will try and blog as much as I can over the next 10 days! I also will be uploading photos to SmugMug daily.

Once the girls were all checked in, they went on a tour of their wonderful camp. They went and saw where we went creaking, our ropes challenges, arts and crafts barn, and horse barn. After dinner, all the girls went into their yurts and prepared for our Opening Campfire. They came up with skits, and performed them to everyone. We also sang lots and lots of campfire songs, and had a talent show, where some girls sang with ukuleles, did gymnastics, and made weird body positions and movements. We ended the night with S’mores!

Today was our Evaluation Day! This is when everyone rides one of our amazing horses, and our barn manager matches her up with the perfect horse for that rider for the rest of camp. Our campers will groom, tack, and love their horse every single day! They will find out tomorrow which horse they get! While they were not riding, they were very busy doing other things, such as taking a hay ride down to our waterfront at farm camp, learning ground lessons at the barn, such as grooming, tacking, leading and tying their horses and also playing games that make them remember everyones names! Tonight, the girls are going on a night hike! They will learn how their senses change, such as their eye adjusting to the dark, their hearing adjusting when they have ears like elephant and their sense of smell intensifying when their nose is wet. They will also learn about the pirates of Neversink!

Keep an eye out on SmugMug for pictures of the cowgirls and their horses tomorrow!

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