The 4 Weekers wrote their own blog for me to show you all:


On Friday night, all the 4 weekers went on their annual Overnight on Horseback! They rode up to the hayfields at sunset through one of Frost Valleys amazing trails. The 4 Weekers were surprised by the brand new “lean toos” and the stunning golden hour view. Songs, secrets, and s’mores were shared at a once in a lifetime experience. After falling asleep under the stars, the girls woke up to sun rising and hiked their way back down to EVR.

Throughout Session 2, all the 4 weekers have been working and planning the perfect Drill Team. This is a choreographed partner themed riding routine. The Drill Team is something that the 4 week program have been doing for years, and the current campers have been working very hard on to keep up with high standard of riding! Arts and Crafts, songs, and costumes are just a few of the things that have been worked on, as well as working on their riding pattern and routine! Final touches are being made today before their performance this week. 


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