We kicked off our weekend with bareback day! This is when the girls ride horses without any saddles on. They find it very cool to be able to feel all the horses movements underneath them, and practice their balance and posture. On Saturday afternoon, they had Wacky Water Saturday- where they play water games and slip and slides. The evening ended with a 70’s themed dance party! The girls made backdrops and decorations throughout the day and celebrated in 70’s style.

Sunday was theme day! This theme day was planned by our Wrangler in Training (WiT’s) The girls planned a Color War theme, where all our campers were split into teams and each team had a separate color. The teams had to compete in scavenger hunts and competitions throughout the day, and then at the end, the team with the most points, wins! At brunch they had waffles and ice cream and a BBQ for dinner!

Today the horses are back from their weekend off, and the girls have started their specialty week. Trails have started to go out, and girls in the arena lessons have started trotting. For the other half of the day, the girls have been doing shelter building, and have now gone down to the farm to do boating and archery.

Tonight we are doing EVR under the Stars. This is when we have an outdoor movie night! Tonight we are watching Shrek, and then we all sleep outside on the lawn under the stars!

Hope you all had a great weekend! Is it really the last week of camp already?!


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