3 canoes on lake cole

Horse Day Camp – Hay rides and swim time!


The kids had an awesome time riding this morning, they were practicing circles and perfecting their steering by weaving the barrels. They learned a lot in their ground lesson about vet care, which is important for any budding equestrian.

After riding the children split in half again and half of them did the Flying fish and the other half got to go on a hayride into the horses pasture, to meet some of the horses that are on vacation this session.

This afternoon they are chilling at waterfront, lots of them are making sand sculptures and others are splashing around in the water, despite the water being a bit chilly, they are braver then I am!

They are looking forward to doing tie dye tomorrow (they need to bring something with them to tie dye)!


Western Adventures:

I had an awesome time watching the western adventure’s riding lessons this morning, it’s so great to see the improvements they make every lesson, however small, whether it be just relaxing and getting used to the horses or making an effort to sit up more straight, every change is noticeable and something to be proud of. Today a few of them were perfecting their hand trots, while others were doing trotting circles and some were perfecting their control and steering, they all look awesome!

This afternoon, some of western adventures opted to stay at the barn and help with some chores and stable management, while the other half decided to cool off in the lake at waterfront! They are both looking forward to some ropes activities tomorrow!!



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