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Horse Day Camp: Horse Assignments!

Today the horse day campers were very excited because they were being assigned their horses for the next 2 weeks. They were all very happy with the horses they were given and are really looking forward to progressing with their riding and creating a bond with them.

Their riding lessons went really well, they learned a number of different skills and played a few games. All of the campers looked really happy after their lesson which is always nice to see! They also enjoyed their ground lessons today, especially Western Adventures who had our staff member Sam who is a trained horse masseuse, come teach them about what she does, and show them the machine she uses to work the horses muscles! They all learned a lot, including our staff!

Western adventures also had a surprise ropes element today, they went on a hike with our staff member Eimear and decided to do the leap of faith, which they were all very excited about! They all conquered their fears and had a great time!

Hoof beats really enjoyed their swim time today as they did their swim checks to find out what area they will be able to swim in for the rest of the session! The weather held out which was nice as the water was not too cold!

All in all, a good day.



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