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Horse Day Camp: Roping, Stick ponies, leg wraps and Horse Massage!

The past 2 days have been super busy for the horse day campers! They have had tons of fun and done a bunch of different activities!


Yesterday the campers had epic riding lessons, it is clear that their riding has improved  a lot and their control is getting better by the day. I think their bonds with their horses are also getting a lot stronger and they all seem to really care about them!

They really enjoyed doing a stick pony rodeo after their riding lesson. It was very amusing to watch them racing each other around barrels on stick ponies!

All of the campers really enjoyed waterfront, they have all done their swim checks so had fun splashing in different sections and also building sand castles on the beach!

Possibly the most exciting part of their day was an epic game of dodge ball, in which they all got very involved!

Today, the hoofbeat campers riding lessons went really well again, and it was really good to see them all look so proud of themselves after they dismounted!

A favorite activity of theirs today was splatter painting, they did an epic job making pretty patterns with the paint! I think it was a good mood booster being able to splatter stuff with as much paint as they wanted!

They also got the opportunity to try out the flying squirrel ropes element today, which they really enjoyed! They all tried it, which was really impressive because it is quite high!

The campers had more fun at waterfront today, especially as the sun was out! They also got to make s’mores today which is always yummy and fun!


Western Adventures:

Yesterday the Western adventure campers had a really in depth lesson about leg wrapping with one of our horses that has suffered a bad sunburn, our director Jennie showed them exactly how they were dealing with it and the campers learned a lot! They also then got taught a lesson on balance, they did a group trot and reverses at the trot which is very impressive! I think they were all pretty worn out after an hour and a half of trotting!

The campers then got to go on an adventure hike with Eimear, which they thought was great fun, even though hiking isn’t all of their favorite activities!

Today the campers had a lesson from Sam who is a trained horse masseuse, they got to massage the horses themselves. It is always good to let them be hands on, it’s a great way of them learning and also making them feel accomplished and as though they have really made a difference! They also made s’mores today which of course they enjoyed!!



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