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Interntational Exchange & Chill Day!

Instead of our normal programming today we took a breather and had a chill day.  We all slept in (well as much as you can at a Farm Camp before animals start braying in hunger 🙂 and then had a nice brunch thanks to Anti, one of our chef’s.  We  had our morning devotions and rest hour before our afternoon really got started – it was so nice to unwind after the overnight and Colonial Day!

You may not know this, but about half of our staff is international and so in honor of that diverse background we all decided to have a little time with the campers to share some about our cultures.  We had representatives for France, Spain, Scotland, the UK and Australia!  The campers really enjoyed it and gave us some great feedback on how to make the next ‘travel day’ even better… plus the possibility of international foods is always a plus! (Today Penny shared some Vegimite with us and the campers learned the vegimite song… soon to be posted to Smugmug for your viewing pleasure 🙂

Just before dinner we worked on some teambuilding games like helium hoolah-hoop, human knot and dragon tails.  We had a ball and followed up that fun after dinner and chores with Movie Night!!!  We hung out on our sleeping bags in the dining hall and watched Madagascar in keeping with our international theme as well as noting our partnership with the Madagascar YMCA.  The campers got a brief history and cultural know-how before we started the movie so it definitely was a big ‘travel’ day for all of us!

Hope all is well on the home fronts – we can’t wait to start another fun-filled week of adventures!





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