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Is it almost over already?

So it’s been a busy couple of days for Mustang and Durango! After changing over activities on Tuesday morning, facials and flying squirrel, and low rope challenges for Durango, we had an awesome evening program! Mustang and Durango climbed the Y tower! This is our 50ft rock climbing and zip-lining tower! Most of the girls managed to climb all the way to the top! As the sun went down the lights came on and it was really cool to be climbing at night!

Wednesday was our Equestrian Theme Day! For this session we had a Gymkhana day. Gymkhana is a series of timed games on horseback and speed pattern races. So Mustang, Durango and our day camp group Hoofbeats, all gathered at the barn and got into four teams. Red, Blue, Green and Yellow. It was great to mix all our programs as some of the girls and boys from day camp will be in Mustang in session 2 and possibly Durango session 4! The games started with a Sack relay race! Each camper was paired with one other person and they shared a horse. In this race one camper had to ride their horse to the other end of the arena, dismount off of their horse and then hop back to their partner in a sack! Their partner needs to then hop back to the horse, mount the horse and ride all the way back to the beginning! This was great to watch all the campers cheering on their team mates. All the staff also coached the kids during their riding to make sure they still stuck to what they learnt in their lessons. They all did great! Next up was hunt the sweetie! Similar to the Sack relay but this time they had to dismount their horse at the other end of the arena and find a piece of candy in a bucket of shavings, remount and ride back to the start for their team mate to be able to go! Everyone was very happy when they were told that the candy was for them. Some even fed them to the horses! After that we had an egg and spoon race! On horseback this can be difficult but all the campers were amazing. They had to ride their horses from one end to the arena and back again whilst holding an egg and spoon, in our case it was a plastic golf ball and spoon! If they dropped the “egg” they had to dismount, pick it up and get back on to carry on!( Always assisted by a staff member). Then it was time for a Scavenger Hunt! The teams split up and scoured the barn for their next clue. Each clue gave them an item to do with the horses. This was things like a helmet, a horse shoe, a hoof pick and so much more! It was awesome to see all the teams working together to figure out where their items would be by their clues! After a nice picnic lunch down the barn we had our two final activities for the day. First up was Chase me Charlie! This is a game where you would normally jump over jumps on your horse but we don’t jump our horses here at Frost Valley so we did it by ourselves! We had the campers down in the arena and the jumps got higher and higher! There are some great pictures of this on our Smug Mug! Our final challenge was apple bobbing! Some campers got so into it they dunked their whole heads in the bucket! At the end of the day there was an award ceremony! This consisted of awards like best team, best apple bobber, most enthusiastic and everyone also received a winner rosette! I think it was an all-round great day! Mustang then got to head off to East Valley Ranch for the evening. This is the all girls camp that is ages 10 and up. Mustang enjoyed visiting camp to see what it would be like when they age out of Mustang! It is a great way to transition campers to new surroundings if they are to move! Durango had a blast on the hard courts with two other villages playing dodgeball! They even all ganged up on the counselors!

Tomorrow is our last full day! Last day to ride our ponies and sleep in our cabins! It has been an awesome session with both Mustang and Durango. We’ve had campers that come to camp all the time and campers that this was their first ever year at sleep away camp. And everything else in between. Camp is an amazing place for children from many backgrounds to come and just be a kid. To be silly and learn new skills. The difference in children when they are on horseback is incredible. They become such different people but in the most amazing way. They are all looking forward to seeing you all on Friday and very excited to tell you about their session in Mustang and Durango. We hope to see you all again soon!


Chantelle Brooks

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