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It’s Getting Hot in Here!

Over the last 24 hours we have received numerous phone calls asking about the high temperatures and how we deal with the high heat index at Frost Valley. Luckily we are usually about 10 degrees cooler than areas down off the mountain.   The following information applies to both Mustang Village and East Valley Ranch. 

Excessive Heat warnings have been issues for our area over the next three days.  However at Frost Valley we are very proactive to ensure that campers are not negatively affected by the heat.  All campers are required to drink 3 glasses of water at every meal (9 glasses total) in addition to drinking water throughout the day at the barn and other program areas.  We are very strict with the water rule as hydration is key when it is so hot out.  We have also been having mandatory rest hour.  This means that during rest hour campers must lay quietly and relax in their beds.  This gives their bodies some down time and the chance to really relax.  Usually campers are against mandatory rest hour….however once they are relaxing in bed, almost every single camper fell asleep!  The last major key in sunscreen.  It is easy to get a sunburn in this kind of weather.  All campers must put sunscreen on several times a day!

On the program side, we have increased water activities including slip n slide, water balloon tosses, and Mustang Village had a night swim.  We also change programming at the barn.  Riding a horse in the arena can be exhausting when the temperatures are this high.  We switch to more offer more time riding through the woods to allow the girls to have the shade of the forest to protect them from the sun.  All of the girls are monitored closely and we will make sure to modify programming to ensure they are healthy and continue to have a great time!  We are looking forward to a cooling trend over the weekend!  It just wouldn’t be summer in the Catskills if we didn’t get a few hot days!



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