Keep It Cool

Happy Friday! Camp Henry Hird has had a great week. We have had pretty much all types of weather, except snow of course! Today we are managing the heat with water activities.


Here are some highlights of the last few days:

Sacky: Spa day in our orchard/ garden.

Hemlock: Banana olympics… this activity involves bananas and obstacle courses. Every team gets a banana to be their “competitor” for the different olympic events.

Tacoma & Lenape: Slip n’ slide! Cooling off with a soapy water slide.

PAC & Windsong: Musical seats… musical chairs, only the chairs are moved further and further apart as the game goes on. Eventually, chairs are all over the field and people have to run to get to them.

CiTs: Two groups are on their hikes still… they will return Saturday and Sunday. The other two groups will be starting their in-cabin experiences tomorrow.

On Sunday we will begin our camp wide session 2 tradition of olympics. The Frost Valley Olympics have existed for years and years. Countries are chosen based on our staff who come from all over the world. Frost Valley Olympics are a combination of culture sharing and friendly competition. Some events of years past have included building cardboard boats to take on the lake, and a counselor dunk tank.


We hope you are all staying cool and hydrated. Have a great weekend!


Claire Greenwood

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