3 canoes on lake cole

Lets go Session 3!

Third session has begun! We have a whole new set of girls for Mustang and we are very excited! Sunday was a very busy day of unpacking, camp tours, expectations and learning how things work. After all the boring stuff we had our 3rd session opening camp fire. Opening campfire is held on the hill of CIT point that overlooks Lake Cole. The whole of Wawayanda look down the hill to the camp fire and watch all of the leadership teams and village chiefs and their staff, do skits and perform songs. This session, the Mustang staff sang a parody of Party in the USA by Miley Cyrus and they changed all the words to things about their riding and the horses. The Mustang girls loved it! The evening ended with a nice devotion, talking about what we enjoyed about the arrival day and something that we are looking forward to!

Monday started off so sunny! It’s been such a lovely day. The girls started their morning at flag rising. This is a chance for all the villages to get together and speak about birthdays, lost teeth, words of wisdom and shout outs. It’s a perfectly positive way to start the day! After breakfast it was time for our swim tests! This is a small test in our lake to determine where the campers can swim. We have many different sections of the lake, some are deeper than others, some have basketball hoops, and some even have a slide and a trampoline! Waterfront is the perfect place when the weather is this warm! Mustang also got to practice some new chants this morning that we will use in our lunchtime Hoopla! Hoopla is where all the villages scream and shout their chants to each other in the dining hall! This can be so loud and energetic but the girls love screaming at the top of their lungs, showing off that Mustang pride!

Today is our evaluation rides. This lesson is where our barn manager watches each camper in each lesson to determine what kind of rider they are and what horse would be a good match. The girls are very excited to learn who their horse will be for the whole session. We like to have each camper ride one horse for the whole session so they get to learn how their horses ride and to learn a sense of ownership. Today the girls also learnt how to lead, tie, groom and tack their horses. All these skills will come into all aspects of their time down the barn. All the girls did amazingly in all their lessons today and all the staff are very excited about the progression of this session! This evening’s activity will be held in our lodge. We are doing paper bag skits! We give the girls random items and they have to come up with a skit using these items. It’s so much fun watching the girls come up with all these different ideas and be creative. We are all really looking forward to seeing what they come up with!


Chantelle Brooks

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