Hussey Lodge (capacity 74, minimum 54)

Hussey is a large-scale lodge for big groups with thirteen rooms sleeping 4 to 6 people, each with a private bath.The lodge also features a large common room with fireplace. This lodge is closest to the dining hall, with an indoor and outdoor fire area for year-round socializing, and 2 common rooms to enjoy your company!

Frost Valley YMCA Hussey 02

Hyde & Watson Lodge, Kresge Lodge and Howard E. Quirk Lodges
(capacity 40, minimum 32)

Four private rooms sleep 10 in bunk style beds with a private bathroom in each room. Working fireplaces. These lodges enjoy the best valley views. Located at the top of camp, each lodge has its own indoor fireplace. These are perfect for nice walks to all of our activities, maximizing your view of camp.

Hyde Watson

Hyde Watson Lodge

Kresge Lodge

Kresge Lodge


Quirk Lodge