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Meeting our own horses!

We have our own horses! As of yesterday Mustang were assigned the horses that they will ride for the rest of the session. This is great for us to see as they love to form a bond with their horses. The barn manager assigns every one, one horse for the session so they get comfortable and understand what their horses are like and get to learn their quirks! The girls also learnt about what types of colors horses can be and know the names of the colors for their own horses. We have Bays, Appaloosas, Chestnuts, buckskins and many more. Here at Frost Valley we have approximately 90 horses across our two valleys and they are all so different. In our first riding lessons we learn the basics. Starting stopping and turning in circles. A great way to learn control and balance.

On Tuesday morning Mustang and Durango went on a hike to High Falls. A beautiful waterfall nestled into our forest. Mustang didn’t quite make it to the water fall due to time but next week we will be trying it again. In the evening we also played a game called Wells Fargo. It’s a great game for the kids to play in teams. It’s a mixture between capture the flag and tag football! You have to get the “money” from the other teams bank and return it to your bank without being tagged. The staff love watching Mustang and Durango play together like this. Its great fun for the villages to program together.

Wednesday started off great! We had a huge breakfast and then went to waterfront where the boats and the trampoline are now available. Waterfront is an awesome and safe place for the kids to go off, have fun and cool down. After waterfront the girls went to ZUMBA! They learnt dances to Hawaiian music and danced to Moana which is incredibly popular this year. The program instructor even taught the girls to count in Hawaiian and about their culture. Then it was back to the barn after rest hour. Today they are learning about the parts of a horse. We demonstrate with interactive equipment and then we also get paint and put finger prints on the horses for the parts we need! Tonight’s evening program is USB (ultimate sicko ball)! This is a huge game played with the whole of Wawayanda. Teams work together to steal balls from the other teams bases. If they get caught they have to stay in the teams base. We have a huge field of colorful kids! Let’s see how they do!


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