3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang: A Day of Firsts!

Today was an exciting day for the Mustang girls, they tried lots of new things and got used to the routine here at Frost Valley!

After a very early start (I think the girls were a bit excited), we had a yummy breakfast and all of the girls learned and taught each other how to make some pretty funky friendship bracelets. It was very sweet to watch them helping each other!

After friendship bracelets, we headed to Waterfront, in the bright sunshine! The girls learned the rules of boating and swimming and listened really well, even volunteering some answers for questions! Then the girls had free swim while other villages took their swim tests, hopefully the girls will do their swim tests tomorrow so they can choose which sections they can swim in!

After lunch and rest hour the girls headed down to the barn which was what they were all most looking forward to! They met the horses, toured the barn, learned how to groom, tack, lead and tie then headed down to the arenas for their evaluation rides! All the girls did brilliantly, they rode really well and listened perfectly! Tomorrow they find out which horses they will be assigned to for the rest of the session!

Tonight the girls are looking forward to doing a lip sync competition and maybe a dance party!



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