3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang – A Great Start

All of the girls are all settled in and are already making new friends. Before dinner, we did some introductions and learned a few camp songs.

The girls all ate dinner together in the dining hall and went over our dining hall traditions. After dinner we headed back to our lodge, Hayden, for Opening Campfire!

Everyone enjoyed their s’mores roasted by the fire and were excited to join in on a ton of camp chants and cheers! Then we ran around playing games outside behind Hayden.

When the girls headed back inside, they were ready to hop into bed. They all got on their pajamas, got into bed, and we had devotion: a time where we all settle down before bed and have a topic to talk about our day. Everyone gets to speak and say what they want to say.

We did Rose, Bud, Thorn on our first evening. The girls say their Rose (something they enjoyed), Bud (something they’re looking forward to), and Thorn (something the may not have enjoyed) about their day.

All of the girls seemed to be happy to be in Mustang and look forward to waterfront, riding, and all of the exciting activities we have planned for tomorrow and the rest of the session!



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