3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang: Archery practice and Birthday celebrations!

The Mustang girls performed in the all camp talent show last night and sang the cup song. They were so good and brave, we were very proud!

They also really enjoyed the fireworks, although it was quite late so they were all quite sleepy.

This morning, the girls had a go at Archery and were all really good, the target was quite far away too. Then we had waterfront and some of the girls decided to go boating, which they absolutely loved and were naturals at. The others went swimming and had a great time splashing each other!

After lunch the girls came down to the barn and had tons of fun riding their horses and did an epic job at doing so, even though they were a bit soggy from the rain. They all then helped lead their horses up to the barn after ready for dinner.

Today is Tess’ birthday so we got a cake to celebrate, her big brother even came to sing with us, which made her especially happy. All the girls enjoyed the cake and watching Tess open her presents from home!

As a special treat tonight, provided the weather holds up, we are sleeping outside and cooking dinner on the camp fire. The girls are beyond excited!!



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