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Mustang: Busy, busy, busy…

The mustang girls have been very busy these last few days!

It’s been a few days of firsts for the campers, learning the ropes of how everything at Frost Valley works and getting into the camp spirit. On the first day, the girls met everyone in our lodge, played some games and went up to dinner. After this the girls created some goals for the session that we are going to look at during our closing campfire to see if they have achieved them! They also learnt Frost Valley’s core values and how they are important to the way things work here and also outside of camp!

On Monday, the girls went to waterfront for first period and enjoyed splashing about in the water and playing in the sand! They also had to complete an LBD practice which is a Lost Bather Drill, where they have to stop what they are doing and run off the beach to allow the life guards to search the water. I was so impressed at how the girls listened and did as they were told, and helped the practice run smoothly!! After waterfront the girls played some more name games and also a game where they had to line up in orders of different things like birthdays, but without talking! It was tricky but they soon got the hang of it! After lunch, the girls headed down to the barn to meet the horses, frustratingly, we had a big thunder storm so they were unable to ride, but they learned all the barn rules, how to groom and tack, lead and tie and even some parts of the horse. For evening program they had a dance party which they all loved!

On Tuesaday, the girls went to waterfront again, it became apparent that the water was a favorite for our girls so I have organised for them to have an extra swimming period this week in the evening!! After swimming, we went to the flying squirrel which is a ropes element where 4 people run and pull someone in a harness up in the air into the trees! (We have some epic pictures, that I will upload tomorrow!). After lunch the girls headed back down to the barn! They did their evaluation rides on the horses to decide who they will be riding for the rest of the session, they all did a really good job! They then had a ground lesson on parts of the tack! After dinner, the girls went to the theater to play games, including one about beans which involved a lot of running and smiling!

This morning the girls all took their swim tests, they all did so well, very proud counselors!! After waterfront, we headed up to arts and crafts, where the girls made candles and played with our snake houdini! After lunch the girls went down to the barn again and got assigned their horses for the session! The girls were very excited about this! Tonight they will be having a challenge night which should be great fun!!

– Kayleigh (Mustang Village Chief)



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