3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang Campers Love the Weekend!

Saturdays and Sundays run on an entirely different schedule than the rest of the days in the session.  On Saturday the girls played a ton of refreshing water games at the barn.  Getting wet, laughing, and throwing water on each other was a great way to start the morning.  Afterwards they changed and had rest hour before lunch.  During the entire afternoon they were at the barn for a different type of riding…bareback riding!  Girls had the opportunity to see what it is like to ride sitting directly on a horses back.  The girls loved the new experience and were able to see how challenging it really is to ride when you don’s have a saddle.  In addition they learned about natural horsemanship and basic training for horses, face painting, horse painting, and much more.  It was a packed afternoon and the girls loved it.  After dinner Mustang enjoyed a movie in the theater.  This is a once per session treat that gives the girls a mellow and easy evening program after an activities filled day.  Bedtime was over in a snap as the girls were so exhausted that they were asleep two minutes after climbing into bed.

Today the girls get to sleep in…until 9:00am!!!!  A real treat that gives them the chance to recoup from a busy first week.  Next the girls travel to the dining hall for brunch which offers a variety of tasty treats.  Sunday is the only day that the girls do not ride.  Instead they participate in the all camp event which starts at 1pm.  The theme is “Fourth of July Carnival”…and yes we know we are a few days late!  They will get to do all kinds of games and activities with all the other villages in camp.  It is a nice chance for them to meet new people and experience camp life away from Mustang Village.  In the evening they will enjoy a Session 1 tradition…Fireworks over Lake Cole.  Frost Valley puts on an amazing display they reflects down onto the water.  We can’t wait!



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