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Mustang /Durango – Wild Weekend!

The weekend started off with a bright day. We all got up and headed over to the dining hall for breakfast. Mustang and Durango split up for the beginning of the morning so that they could each do their own activities. Mustang went outside to have a girls morning and get facials!! We did natural facials, so we got tons of ingredients from the kitchen. They did numerous different types of spa treatments, including exfoliators, eye relaxers, and skin softeners.

Meanwhile, down at the barn, the boys were having a great time. They had their bathing suits on and played tons of water games. They had water relay races, splashed each other with water, played a circle game called drip drip drop, and even had a water fight! Everyone was involved in the games, whether running around, splashing others, or even dumping buckets of water on each other!

After the first half of the morning, the boys and girls came back together for banana boats. They all were given a banana, marshmallows and chocolate. They cut open the banana so that they were able to put the marshmallows and chocolate inside. Then they wrapped it in tinfoil and placed it into the campfire. They played a few games while the bananas roasted in the fire. When they pulled the bananas out of the fire, they opened up the tinfoil and saw that the chocolate and marshmallows turned into a melted treat! The tasty banana boats were a hit!

Down at the barn the kids had a great time. They first painted horses with loads of different designs and even made patterns all over the horses’ bodies! They used their creativity to use different colors, mix new ones, and create their own masterpiece on the horses. They made their horses and ponies as cute as they could and they even had some time to braid the manes and tails. After horse painting they gave the horses a bath. The boys and girls scrubbed soapy water into the horses’ coats to clean off all or the paint and get off all of the dirt and mud underneath. Then the horses were rinsed off and were squeaky clean! The groups rally enjoyed it and the horses loved the designs and a nice cooling bath afterwards!

We hopped into the hay wagons again and headed out to the field! Everyone sat on loads of hay for when we got to the field. Last hayride was just for the ride, but this time we took a hayride to a field full of horses! The horses all came over to the wagons to say hi to the kids. The horses put their heads into the wagons and the kids got to pet the horses as they came by to have some hay. There were smiles across the board and nobody wanted to leave when it was time to go!

Dinner was eat with your face night! Everyone had a blast and really got into it. They all put down their silverware and went down. Their faces were so messy and they got pasta and marinara everywhere! It was on faces, in hair and all over the table.

In the evening, the girls had a dance in the lodge and the boys had their very own dance party in their cabin! They boys played dance games and played freeze dance. Once everyone started to get tired, the girls headed up to their rooms to chill and make bracelets and some arts and crafts. The boys settled down and made a circle in their cabin to pay card games. The boys learned how to play new games and helped each other with the old games. Everyone was quite tired at the end of the day, so everyone hopped into bed and fell asleep, almost immediately!

Yesterday was Sunday fun day! Everyday is fun, but Sunday is especially fun. First, everyone was able to sleep in because it was brunch day! We all headed to the dining hall to have brunch. Sunday brunch consists of waffles, chicken tenders, broccoli, salad bar, fruit bar, oatmeal, soup, and ice cream!! Sunday brunch is always a wonderful treat for everyone.

The all camp activity was Hirdstock, so all of the camp gets together and has a festival! There were booths for everyone to go to and Mustang and Durango wandered around going to each booth. They had a great time there. Also there were sign ups for talent and they were able to preform in front of the whole camp! A few of our campers went up and they all got huge applauses. They had a great time playing around with the rest of camp and loved showing off to everyone!


Ella Parry

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