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Mustang Enjoys a Relaxing Weekend…

Well we are at the half way point in the session.  The girls have just enjoyed a nice relaxing weekend.  We specifically do different schedules on the weekend to give the girls a chance to unwind and get rest before another action packed week.  On Saturday the girls enjoyed a different type of lesson…bareback riding.  This gives them the chance to see what it is like to sit directly on a horses back when they ride.  It is a strange feeling as they can feel each of the horses muscles moving as they walk.  They also had the chance to learn about native american horse painting symbols and paint their own horse.

Sunday is the day in the session when the girls get to sleep in…till9:30am.  Then they travel to the dining hall for brunch, which is a whole selection of breakfast and lunch items.  The girls can even have waffles with ice cream as a special treat!  Then they went on a hike and enjoyed some time to prep for our all camp event “Hirdstock”.  Today the girls will be getting dressed up in “hippy” fashion and heading to our carnival of activities.  They will be able to travel to each booth and try a ton of different activities, foods, and games.  Then tonight each village will have campers present songs, skits, and other items at our “Hirdstock” evening program.  Many girls from Mustang wanted to present so the girls were having mini auditions today to decide who would represent the village.  It is an awesome event that highlights talents of campers from all over Frost Valley.



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