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Mustang – Exhausting days

So far, the girls have been enjoying our activity filled days! On Tuesday we did the Flying Squirrel which is and activity on the ropes course. They put on harnesses and, one by one, got pulled up into the air by their counselors so that they could fly! After we headed to waterfront to finish swim checks and have fun!

Then, for riding, the girls were assigned their very own horses for the session! Everyone was so excited to find out their horse and riding group. Then the girls learned all about breeds and colors and figured out what colors their horse was too!

On Wednesday we headed over to the climbing wall to scale the Y tower. The girls enjoyed the challenge of the medium and hard rock wall! Most of them climbed up quickly like speedy monkeys. Then we headed over to waterfront to swim! It was so hot so everyone was happy to hop in and play in the water.

For the afternoon, the girls headed to the barn to learn all about horses and riding. They all put on helmets and mounted their horses. What true cowgirls we have here in Mustang! They concentrated so much while riding to make sure that they would improve. So far, they have all showed us their skills and have already started learning new riding techniques. After riding they all went to learn about different parts of the horse!

After barn time, they went to Wawayanda hangout which is a time for all of the villages to chill together in Filiries Field. This gave Mustang girls and opportunity to make new friends outside of our village and be able to hang out with boys and girls around their age. The girls really enjoyed this because they got to do whichever activity they chose with whomever they wanted! This also helped the girls who were a bit more tired, because they had the chance to rest on the grass and do a quiet activity.

After Dinner we headed back over to the waterfront to have Night Swim!!! After a long day, they loved taking a dip in the water!


We started off Thursday with some arts and crafts. Everyone brought down their white clothing to tye dye!! The girls made spirals, bulls eyes, stripes and many other patterns that they made up. Once their clothing was all tied up and finished, we got ready to head to the waterfront to have our swim period! Some of us built castles on the beach while the others hopped in the water on this hot day.

At the Barn we divided up into our lesson groups and enjoyed our lessons. Lessons have been progressing so quickly. These girls are naturals! By the end they’ll all be pros! Some lessons have already started doing circles and weaving obstacles!

We headed to hangout after hanging out at the barn for a little. Then we headed back to our lodge, Hayden, for our cook out! We started up a fire and cooked pita pizzas over the fire. Then we made s’mores!!! After s’mores we headed to the barn for our overnight. We all got to sleep in the hayloft of the barn!


Today, we have had breakfast and we are resting up for the rest of our day!



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