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Mustang – Finishing up!

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Yesterday the girls started off their morning at the Y tower. They wandered over with their counselors to go climbing. They all harnessed up and conquered the tower. They climbed up the tower like monkeys! Everyone loved climbing and were so brave to climb up the three story tall tower! They each took an extra step out of their comfort zone and challenged themselves to get to that next rock.

For evening activity, the girls hopped in the busses to go to East Valley Ranch (EVR)! They were able to see the older horse program in the other valley. Once they got there, the EVR campers welcomed them with signs, posters, and friendship! They all ran around in the field playing a game called boppers. The girls loved it and were so excited to be able to go to EVR when they get older.

Today was our full last day in Mustang and we had a wonderful day. The girls all started packing their bags and exchanged contact information this morning. They headed out to waterfront after they began to pack. After lunch we headed back to the cabin for our last rest hour of the session! Then they were happy and awake to go to the barn! In their lessons, they made sure that they said their last goodbyes to their horses. Every group played some warm up games and then moved on to more advanced maneuvering techniques. Every group was able to trot!

We ended with closing campfire with all of Wawayanda. They sat out near the lake and looked across the lake at the evening sky as the fire blazed on and the counselors said goodbye to their campers. The girls were happy to have such a caring new group of friends but were also upset to be leaving them! That’s where I love to remember one of my favorite quotes, “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” We hope to see everyone next year, or even later on in the session!


Ella Parry

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