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Mustang: Friendship bracelets and trail riding!

Sadly last night, the girls overnight got rained out so they all had a big sleepover on the floor in their room which they thought was great! Luckily they got to cook their pita pizzas and their s’mores on the fire outside first!

This morning after breakfast in bed, the girls learned how to make lots of new friendship bracelets and had a great time giving them out to each other. One of our staff member’s Corinna is pretty epic at making them so had a great time showing the girls some of the patterns, which they all picked up really quickly.

Then we headed to waterfront, the girls swam, boated and built lots of sandcastles as well as sang along to the Lion King sound track, waterfront is one of their favorite periods of the day!

After lunch, we had rest hour and the girls wanted to continue their friendship bracelets. They then headed down to the barn. Today they went on a trail ride and learned about the different positions in the line of the trail ride and how each one is important, how they musn’t let their horses eat and how they must keep their spacing. They all did a great job and had fun! We are so lucky that the trails are so beautiful around Frost Valley and that the Mustang girls get to experience them!

They then groomed and braided their own horses and made them look very pretty before a lesson on different horse careers, even with a game of charades thrown in!

Tonight’s activity is challenge night, and all the girls are looking forward to East + West tomorrow where we go visit East Valley Ranch and play games with the campers there!



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