3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang Gets in the Swing of Things…

The 1st Monday of the session is full of firsts.  The girls started the day with their swim tests and orientation to the waterfront.  They had the chance to show off their swimming skills and earn a colored tag based on their swimming abilities.  Then it was time to just enjoy the cool refreshing lake.  The girls also did a variety of activities to make friends and learn about all of the other girls and staff.  Everyone is usually a little nervous and shy in the beginning, so this is a great way to get everyone out of their shells.  Later in the day the girls had their orientation to the barn and did their riding evaluations.  This is an informal way for us to see each girl ride.  They are assigned to an evaluation horse and are asked to complete a variety of tasks with the horse.  Based on their riding evaluation all of the girls were assigned to lesson groups, given a new horse partner, and assigned an instructor.  All the girls did really well and are excited to get to work with their horses! 

In the evening the staff did an activity we love called “paper bag skits”.  This challenges the girls to make new friends, be creative and include everyone.  They are broken into groups and are given a bag of really random items; dress up clothes, wigs, props, and game pieces.  The group must design a skit that uses every item in the bag and involves every member of their group.  They then perform theses skills for the rest of the girls and staff.  It is a fun and silly evening, and a great way to start the session!



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