3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang girls learn to dance!

Yesterday Mustang found out who their horses were! Our day first started with waterfront. The weather wasn’t great but the girls still enjoyed going in the lake, boating and going on the inflatable trampoline. Certainly nothing rained on their parade! After waterfront the girls changed into to some warmer clothes and made wind chimes in arts and crafts! Hopefully they survive the journey home! After lunch and rest hour it was time for the girls to head to the barn to meet the horses they would be riding for the next two weeks! So much anticipation from the girls but they were all so happy and really enjoyed their lesson! The evening ended with an inflatable bowling tournament! The girls turned the bottom of the lodge into a bowling alley. The pins are so big and the inflatable ball is even bigger! The energy and enthusiasm was awesome and the girls are so supportive of each other. It’s great to see them all getting along so well! It was a perfect way to end the day!

Today had perfect weather for waterfront and the girls had the best time. Some went boating, others swam, and some even just played in the sand! Then the girls spent the morning doing Moana dancing! They spent some time with the instructor Sandy and she taught them some traditional dance moves and it was all along to Moana songs. Mustang loved doing this and they may even teach you some moves. Again the weather was perfect for riding lessons and they started to learn how to do circles and reverses and keep their horses to the rail. Everyone is doing so well and it’s great to see the bonds they are making with their horses! This evening’s activity was a little different and it’s something we do every session. They played USB! This is Ultimate Sicko Ball! This is a game of colored teams working against each other to retrieve balls and take them back to their own base. This is amazing to see as the whole of Wawayana took over Hirdstock field and the colors looked incredible. Everyone was so involved but I can tell the girls will be in bed and asleep before we know it!


Chantelle Brooks

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