3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang: Hirdstock!

On saturday the girls got the chance to ride bareback which means without a saddle, which is a great learning exercise for them as it gives them the opportunity to really feel how the horses muscles work and move when they are riding them! It is also great for balance and concentration!

Yesterday the girls had an awesome day playing in the sun. Hirdstock is Frost Valley’s version of a music, peace and love festival. Everyone dresses in tie dye and flowers and hangs out on the field, visiting different booths, having a talent show and just enjoying being with each other and being outdoors.

Another favorite part of the day yesterday was having ice cream for breakfast! The girls get to sleep in on sunday morning and then go to brunch where they are allowed to have ice cream and waffles, best day ever!

In the evening the staff put on a show for all of the kids and sang songs, danced and acted, everyone loved it!

Today the girls are looking forward to riding their horses and doing low ropes, as well as an activity that involves getting their counselors really messy with food!



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