3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang – Horse Assignments

This morning, after the kids had breakfast, we had chance to got to the camp store! When we were finished, we headed over to the boathouse. Since everyone had already taken their swim checks, we scheduled raft building! Then the girls still had the opportunity to go the the waterfront and get in the water without having to worry about the other villages who still had to finish up their swim checks. The girls worked together in two teams to create rafts with barrels, planks of wood, and ropes.

In the afternoon, the girls got assigned to their horse and lesson group for the session. Everyone was so excited to hop on their own horse! They had their riding lesson and then we headed back up the barn for a ground lesson. We learned about horses breeds and colors and then each camper figured out what their own horse was! Our last activity at the barn was a hayride to one of the fields. The girls loved riding along in the wagons shouting our their favorite camp songs!

Our evening program tonight was called Mickelodeon. It was ran by Mick, the head of waterfront. The boys village, Forest joined us as well. We headed up to our indoor location and participated in this “gameshow” after we divided into teams. They went through a series of trivial, as well as, physical tasks, in order to win points for their teams. In the end the were smiles and laughter shared throughout the room.



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