3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang – Hot day

This morning the girls had a couple of morning activities. They didn’t have waterfront today, but instead, we played water games! First, before water games we tye-dyed various items of clothing. For tye-dye, the girls chose from a few patterns and made some up as well! They made spirals, bulls eyes, stripes, polka dots, and many more. Then, under the heat of the sun, we played some water games. The girls loved running relays, and running around dumping buckets on each other. We even dunked one counselor into a water trough!

After lunch, we headed down to the barn for riding lessons! The girls have already progressed so far in their riding. A few lesson groups have been working on control by maneuvering through various obstacle courses in the arenas, while one lesson has moved on to independent trotting! Everyone has been working so hard in their lessons which has all been paying off.

Back up in the Barn, the girls created drawings of their perfect horses and barns. Then they presented their ideas to the rest of the campers and counselors. Everyone had such creative ideas such as candy horses, and barns with ice cream parlors inside!

After an exhausting day, the girls had a movie night in the Model Forest Classroom. This gave the girls an opportunity to cool down and chill. We watched, “Spirit Stallion of the Cimarron.” Everyone had their laughs and cries as they watched the action packed movie and wound down for bed. This seemed to help the kids rejuvenate after a long hot day and hopefully they’ll be recharged for tomorrow!



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