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Mustang – Introductions

Hello everyone!

If you don’t know me already, I’m Corinna and I’m the Village Chief of Mustang. That means that I supervise the counselors and plan out the schedules for the girls. I also live in cabin with all of our campers in Mustang. This is my 11th summer at Frost Valley. I came for seven years as a camper and this is my 4th summer working in Mustang Village. I have loved coming to Frost Valley all of these years and I hope that all of my campers will learn to love Frost Valley as  the second home I know it as now!

Last night the girls all settled in their new bunks with their new bunk buddies. They all got their beds sorted, unpacked and introduced themselves to each other. After everyone got their luggage, we were able to play a few name games before dinner. They had a lovely pizza dinner and then headed to sit at the campfire by the lake for Opening Campfire!

The girls loved watching their new counselors introduce themselves and put on funny skits. They learned some songs, dances, and chants. After Opening Campfire, they headed back to the lodge (Hayden) to go to sleep.

This morning, we woke them up and they were all rested for their activity packed day. They headed to their first breakfast of the session! They went back down after breakfast for more games and ice breakers. Then they headed out to waterfront for first day orientation. They got to splash around int eh shallower sections before swim checks started.

After waterfront, we headed to lunch, and then went back to the cabin for rest hour. Then we headed down to the barn. They rode for the first time and also learned to lead their horses, tie them up, groom (clean) their horses, and also tack (saddle) their horses. Then after riding and other lessons, they hopped into the hay wagon to meet the other horses and ponies in the field. They took a ride out into the field of horses and the horses all came over to greet them. The horses put their heads into the wagons and the girls were able to pet and feed the horses.

After the hayride, they headed to dinner. Then they went back to the cabin for shower time and our evening activity. It was making friendship bracelets and lanyards! I went to a meeting tonight to plan the schedule for the week and we have a fun packed week! I can’t wait to get started with everything and for the girls to get their lesson and horse assignments tomorrow!


Ella Parry

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