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Mustang – It’s a Small World

The girls loved, “It’s a Small World” today! They cheered on for their favorite counselors at the staff soccer game – USA vs. the rest of the world. Then they headed over to Filreis Field to the carnival of stands. There were many stands with all different activities, foods, and many other representations of various countries. All of the kids were running around getting to know an assortment cultures, meeting new people, and making new friends.

They girls loved the bounce house and really enjoyed tasting foods from different countries. They all were curious to find out what each country had to offer and could not stop running around to see what came next. The girls were exhausted by dinner time because they had used up all of their energy going from booth to booth – or, at least, almost all of their energy.

Right before evening program, there was a staff watermelon eating contest and the girls were hysterically laughing as watermelon juice dripped down my face and they energetically cheered for their favorite counselors To top off theme day, our evening program was FV’s Got Talent! The girls put together a skit to preform at the talent show in front of the whole camp! They were thrilled to watch everyone’s talents and even more excited to preform themselves!


Ella Parry

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