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Mustang – Last Days

Yesterday the girls started off their day with a old camp favorite – Geronimo. Geronimo is run by Al Filreis who had been coming to Frost Valley since he was a boy. He has always been around and is a camp legend at Frost Valley. He plays tons of camp games with everyone around camp, is known for having the most exciting activities, and also tells his favorite camp stories around the campfire. Al taught the girls how to play Geronimo – a game where they run around when they are called up by their names, an assigned number, or any characteristic. They loved running around and competing for their seats.

Then they headed to waterfront for another chance to have a dip in the lake. They got on boats, swam in the water, and even got to jump around on the trampoline! The water is finally deep enough so that they can also dive in the green section. They had diving competitions and did all types of jumping competitions. They loved the water and were so happy to be able to dive and jump around.

Down at the barn, all of the lessons have been improving. They are all continuing to practice their riding skills and always learning more about position, control, and riding all together. Every lesson is almost ready to trot! They are all trying really hard to do the best that they can and are progressing quickly. They are learning all about how we ride at Frost Valley and are able to control their horses, not only with their body, but also with their voices.

In the evening, we headed over to the theater for theater games. They did acting games, traditional camp games, and other games that they had never played before! They all laughed and smiled as they played improv games and made up their own skits. They all watched each other and helped think of new ideas to add into their scenarios. At the end of playing games, they all created their own skit with a famous person in a given location and each group preformed as everyone watched and cheered them on.

Today is the girls’ last full day in Mustang this session. They are all super excited to have an exciting day but are also upset that they have to leave tomorrow. They have just started pack up for tomorrow and they’re cleaning up the cabin for a quick departure in the morning. They are going to head to waterfront soon and then head to the barn in the afternoon. They can’t wait for their last lessons and want to show their instructors how much they’ve improved!


Ella Parry

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