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Mustang Loves to Try New Things!

In Mustang Village the girls enjoyed heading back out on the trail to enjoy a ride through the woods with their horses.  It is relaxing and a great bonding experience and all of the girls seemed to have a really great time.  They have been building muscle and learning the meaning of responsibility as they groom and tack their own horses.  Tack can weigh between 20 and 40 pounds so girls work together to get their horses ready.  Staff are always there to lend a hand, but at this point in the session the girls really want to do things on their own!

In addition to all the time at the barn the girls have had the chance to try their hand at candle making.  They hand dip wicks in water and wax to form a candle of a variety of colors.  I am sure they will be excited to show them to you on Friday!  Last night was an awesome evening program called “Tokyo Night” which is sponsored by the campers and staff from our Tokyo partnership.  There were Japanese games, snacks, dances, and other things that Mustang girls could learn about and try.  It was a fun and lighthearted way to learn about another culture!

Today it is raining but that won’t slow things down one bit.  This morning the girls had a little down time and then spent time making posters for our big East and West BBQ tonight at East Valley Ranch.  This event gives girls from all programs with a common love of horses the chance to get together and share knowledge and memories!  We just uploaded several hundred photos so make sure to check out smug-mug as well!



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