3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang: Painting and EVR!

Yesterday morning the girls enjoyed painting posters for East plus West. We sat in the sunshine outside of the barn and spent the morning splatter painting, glittering, drawing and having a great time. The girls all came away multi-colored and sparkly…

Next up was waterfront! The girls spent the period on boats yesterday, some went in row boats and floated around the lake chatting and some used the paddle boards to paddle out to the island in the middle of the lake. They really enjoyed themselves, especially as the weather was great and the water was ‘warm’.

In the afternoon, the girls had a great riding lesson, it was temporarily interrupted by the rain, but the girls got right back up as soon as they were able to. They all did really well in their lessons, they are progressing so well.

We then took the girls to EVR for the evening, on the way we stopped at the farm on the way and the girls got to pet all the animals. We then had a BBQ at EVR and played loads of games. Lots of the girls didn’t want to leave!



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