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Mustang: Ready, Set, Let’s Roll

Hello everyone!

If you don’t know me already, I’m Corinna and I’m the Village Chief of Mustang. That means that I supervise the Mustang counselors and plan out the schedules for the girls. I also live in cabin with all of our campers in Mustang. This is my 11th summer at Frost Valley. I came for seven years as a camper and this is my 4th summer working in Mustang Village. I have loved coming to Frost Valley all of these years and I hope that all of my campers will learn to love Frost Valley as  the second home I know it as now!

The girls had a wonderful first day and they’re really excited to see what this session has in store for them! Everyone has settled in and are getting comfortable in their new rooms. They have picked their bunk buddies and are meeting all of the new campers. They spent the morning getting acquainted and learning cheers for our lunch time hoopla! Then they headed to the waterfront to do the introductions and rules of the waterfront. They were first up for swim checks and then were able to hang out on the beach and in the shallow sections.

At the barn they had their evaluation rides. They rode their horses so that our barn manager, Hannah, could see the girls’ riding style, ability, and comfort levels. From that, Hannah will choose each camper’s horse for the session. They learned about how to lead a horse and tie them up to the fence. They weaved horses trough barrels to make sure that they were all able to comfortably lead their horses.

Then they went to dinner in the dining hall and then went back to the cabin. They had fun making friendship bracelets for their new friends and also made lanyards for key chains on their water bottles and backpacks! They also got the opportunity to go to the store and are now showing off all of their new garb and Frost Valley toys!

They all hopped into bed and are ready to have a good night’s sleep and prepare for a busy day tomorrow!


Ella Parry

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