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The girls have been having a wonderful time here and have been having eventful days. On Monday they did an activity with Susky and Forest (girls and boys ages 9-11) called Counselor Sundaes in which they ended up putting ice cream all over their counselors. They made their counselors into ice cream sundaes and spread ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate syrup, and sprinkles all over their counselors. They loved getting messy and enjoyed getting their counselors messy even more.

The girls were happy to get back on their horses after a day off. They were excited to ride their own horses again, continue to form a bond with their horse and learn more about riding! After riding, the girls headed to welcome center tent. There they got out chairs and arranged them in a circle to play Geronimo! A group from Tokyo Partnership program joined us for the game. Al Filries, a camp legend, led the game and the girls had a blast! They loved hanging out with the Tokyo Village campers and also loved running from chair to chair when they were called.

For their evening program, they had night swim with Windsong! They are the oldest girls on camp and the Mustang girls really got to hear what all of the older girls have experienced at Frost Valley in their Frost Valley past! All of the girls loved hanging out with each other. They all liked the idea of the youngest girls on camp with the oldest girls on camp. It let the older girls have a leadership opportunity and reminisce back to the days when they were new to camp. The younger girls had someone to look up to and ask questions to as well. They had a wonderful time swimming and love the ice cream party we had on the beach!

Yesterday we did archery and everyone seemed to already be pros! They had an exciting morning at archery and waterfront and were happy to hop back on their horses in the afternoon. They are all progressing in their lessons and have improved so much since they arrived last week. They have all learned new skills and are really happy to try the new techniques that the lesson instructors are showing them.

After dinner the girls headed over to the hard courts to join in on Tokyo night. Tokyo night is a night where all of the Tokyo campers show the rest of camp Japanese style games, activities, and share their knowledge about their Japanese culture. The girls were able to go around to different booths and see all of the activities there were. They stopped at each booth and learned and participated in each game. They loved it and learned some while they were there too!!

This morning the girls started their day off along the Biscuit River. They headed down to do creeking. They explored for creatures and plants that only live around the water. They were very interested in the wildlife around the river. The girls also did rock painting and painted all over their bodies with the natural paint that they created. They had a great time down by the creek before waterfront.

After riding today, the girls had the opportunity to do tye-dye! They gathered their white belongings and dyed them in all sorts of patterns with tons of colors! Mustang girls had a great day and are so excited to see what their tye-dye comes out to look like!


Ella Parry

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