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Mustang – Riding and the Overnight!

The girls are having a great time in Mustang. We’re in full swing now and the girls already have gotten used to the daily schedule. They’re getting along with their cabin mates and are starting to branch out and learn more about each other. They are having fun with all of the camp activities. In the mornings, they start off with an activity and then head to waterfront and are able to cool off in the lake. Their first morning activities was the flying squirrel – a high ropes activity. In the afternoon, they went to they barn and were assigned their horses for the session! Everyone was so excited to find out who their horse was. They had a wonderful first lesson and were able to start to create a bond with their horse.

The evening activity was an activity with all of the younger camps of Frost Valley, Wawayanda. They went to Big Tree Field to join in on a game of Ultimate Sicko Ball (USB). USB is pretty much a giant game of capture the flag, but there is more than one flag and more than two teams. Each of the four teams try to get the other teams balls out of other sections and bring them back to their home team. Mustang was split up into teams and they ran around with other villages running as fast as they could. They had a great time with everyone else and were happy to meet new people.


Yesterday, in prep for our big overnight, the girls went to their morning activity. Our morning activity was Outdoor Living Skills with Susky (girls, ages 9-11) and Adventure Village. The girls split up into groups and learned how to build a fire, set up tents, and scare off bears. They practiced and were all ready for the overnight. After lunch the girls were all set to ride before prepping for the overnight. They headed down to the barn and hopped on their horses for their second lesson with their very own horses. They all rode well and were excited to learn the new techniques in their lessons. They then headed out to pack out for their overnight!

Last night the girls hiked up to their overnight site and then put their new skills to the test. The girls were so enthusiastic about setting up the campsite that they buzzed around like busy bees. They were able to start their fire and set up a tarp for themselves to sleep under! While dinner was cooking they ran around an played a hide and seek tag game in the woods, called camouflage. They all were very hungry after all of that work, so they were so happy to have pita pizzas over the fire and delicious s’mores after! They huddled around the warmth of the fire before hopping into their sleeping bags for the night. They took one last look up a the starry night sky before they closed their eyes for the night.


This morning the girls had bagels with cream cheese, butter, and soynut butter and jelly. They ate up their bagels and had enough energy to hike back down to the cabin and head to the trip center to pack in. They had a chill morning and got all ready for the day. Then they headed downstairs, in our lodge, to join some of the campers in our Tokyo Partnership Program to make stick ponies! They all decorated their horse heads and then stapled them together so that they could glue a stick inside and have their very own stick pony! They were very excited to be able to run around with their new ponies and use then for games around camp!

Down at the barn, the girls just had their third lesson and are really starting to get a hold of everything. They are getting used to the riding techniques we use at Frost Valley and are creating stronger bonds with their horses. The girls are very happy with their horses and are improving everyday!


Ella Parry

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