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Mustang – S’mores, Swimming and Saddles…

The past 2 days have been full of firsts for the Mustang girls!

After arriving and getting settled into their bunks, the girls played a variety of name games and got to know each other as well as their counselors! We headed up to dinner, singing songs from ‘Frozen’ and all the girls enjoyed large helpings of Pizza (A camp favorite).  Next stop was Mustang’s personal campfire; where the girls shared their goals for the session and also a few S’mores!

This morning after a delicious breakfast the girls were eager to start their day. They created stick ponies using paper string and stuffing and then had horse races and show jumping using their own ponies! There were a few stick pony fatalities due to the rain, but no spirits were dampened as we headed over to waterfront for some swimming fun!

The lifeguards explained the rules to ensure safe swimming and then started swim checks to decide which sections the girls can swim in. All of them had tons of fun playing in the sand and splashing each other in the water. After waterfront we headed up to lunch singing Mustang chants; ‘I don’t know what you’ve been told, Mustang girls are made of gold…’ is a particular favorite.

After lunch and rest hour we headed down to the barn for the activity the girls had all been waiting for…RIDING! The girls had a barn tour, horse introductions and learned the rules then headed down in their lesson groups. Today was the first day so we watch the girls ride and decide which horse would suit them best. All of them did an amazing job and hopped off their horses with huge smiles on their faces.

They are all looking forward to playing an English ball game called rounders this evening and of course finding out their horse assignments tomorrow!!



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