3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang: Sunday sunshine and it’s a small world!

This morning the girls got to sleep in because it is Sunday. They slept until 9.30 and all did a really good job of keeping quiet until then! We then headed up for brunch which was an odd combination, much to the girls delight of Waffles, chicken nuggets and ice cream! After as much ice cream as they could manage, we had 8 very full up, very excited girls! They used all their energy to clean and tidy their room, which now looks very pretty…and we can see the floor again!

The girls then had a quick rest before heading down to the staff soccer match (USA vs Internationals). They all sat in the sunshine, had a snack, cheered the teams on and read their books.

Next up was the ‘It’s a Small world’ all camp celebration, which is like a carnival on the field, full of booths from different countries, where the girls can go around and try out different games and foods.

Tonight, they are all really looking forward to the belated 4th of July fireworks!!



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