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Mustang: Super busy and FUN!

Mustang has been epic so far this session, so epic that I have barely had a chance to be in the office to upload pictures or do the blog because we have just been having too much fun and I didn’t want to miss out! So, apologies for the late upload of the weeks pictures but I will be on top of it this week…I promise!

The girls have been doing many activities including, flying squirrel and rock climbing (2 of our ropes elements) which they absolutely loved, night swimming; which was cold but so much fun, theater games which they have requested to do again, dance parties which we do almost every day because they love it and yesterday they attended the all camp event Hirdstock and again fun was had by all!

Hirdstock is basically ‘Hippy day’ where all of camp join together to appreciate music, people and fun. They got to watch a talent show of both kids and staff whilst trying out different games and booths dotted around the field. Our Mustang booth was roping wooden cows which they all seemed to enjoy! There was also face painting, caramel apples and frisbee among many other fun things to do! The girls had a great day!

Saturday was exciting for the girls because they got to try bareback riding!! It gives the girls a chance to feel the horses muscles really moving and its great practice for their balance! All of the girls did so well and really enjoyed themselves, they also got to paint the horses and each other afterwards!!

As a treat last night, the girls had movie night. We went the the theater to have  a big projected screen and surround sound and we watched the movie spirit, which is of course, about horses! They all loved it and got really into the story!!

Today the girls enjoyed waterfront as the weather has warmed up significantly today! This afternoon, they have been down at the barn enjoying riding, ground lessons and even a bit of stable management and cleaning the barn which they requested doing!!

This evening they are going to be playing tether ball and doing paper bag skits!! Hopefully the sun stays out for the rest of the week!

Kayleigh (Mustang VC)



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