3 canoes on lake cole

Mustang – Trail Day!


Today the girls started off their morning at the Y tower, which is the 3 story climbing tower. The girls took their turns climbing up the wall and challenged themselves to their limits. Some of them climbed all the way up to the top and sped up like spiders while others already stepped out of their comfort zones to just put on a harness. They all took safe risks by taking that extra step and getting to that next block that they might not have reached without the counselor and peer support.

They were all happy to head to waterfront because today was a really hot day! The air was humid and the sun was shining bright. They got in boats, hung out on the docks, played in the sand, and splashed around in the water. Waterfront was a refreshing time of the day and the girls were able to expend the energy they had or just take a chill on the beach with their friends.

Down at the barn, the girls didn’t have their typical riding lesson. They went on a trail on the Neversink trail. The trail ran through the trees in the forest along the Neversink river. The girls rode through the trail as the wind blew and cooled everyone off. They went all the way to one of the horse fields down the trail and then turned and headed back to the barn. They loved having a change in pace and getting the opportunity to ride on the trail.

Tonight the girls have the perfect evening program. To cool off at the end of a long day, the girls are joining Susky Village (girls, age 9-11) for an evening swim at the waterfront! They get to take another dip in the lake and hang with new friends! They are really excited to meet other girls at camp and are really happy to have another chance to swim today!


Ella Parry

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